Monday, May 23, 2011

Sports Camera Dot Com Dot AU

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ive been quite lucky this month to have a heap of publicity for my new site.
Below are some links and screen grabs from recent internet fame.


vert magazine
 riptide mag
 ben 2b blog
 This was a photo taken OF ME having a mess around at my local wedge. I didnt realise my friend Nick Sheffield had his camera because when i landed this reverse in the flats and got smashed (it was bigger than it looks here) His camera was under the water. I actually said 'ARGH!!! Imagine you had your camera!'
Its been good to get the word out there and have people sending me messages about my work. Since the release of my site i have already been given opportunities to shoot exclusive content for a magazine which was great. It was scary because I had this guy to shoot and we only had one day to nail this shot. That might seem easy but when everywhere is pumping but where you are and you have wasted half the day chasing your tail around the coast looking for something better only to end up surfing where you started with only a little bit of light left and the wind has now gone was a stress. I can safely tell you we got the job done (i hope) and the mag was happy (i think) the rider went home and fingers crossed ill have something to show for it next month!
Stay tuned.